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If your goal is to successfully start, grow, improve, transform and turn around a business, there is no better ally than NHBSE.

If you want to experience phenomenal entrepreneurial growth and join the elite breed of entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals, join us, walk with us and stay with us.

If you have tried other solutions without success, do not throw in the towel before you give yourself a breakthrough opportunity with NHBSE.

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Who Comes to NHBSE?

    • —  New entrepreneurs who want to get started in business
    • —  Existing entrepreneurs who want to improve their entrepreneurial and business capabilities
    • —  Successful entrepreneurs and business owners who want to keep along a growth path and maintain an unmatchable  advantage over their competition
    • —  Business Executives, CEOs and Senior Managers who want to sharpen their entrepreneurial instincts and exploits and increase their entrepreneurial capital
    • —  Professionals who want to improve their business skills, awaken their entrepreneurial spirit and get a fast track up their career leader.
    • —  University and college graduates who want a rapid successful entry into business and fast track into the world of employment.
    • —  Struggling entrepreneurs, business owners and business executives who want to rediscover he power, capacity and pathway for business comeback, recovery and resurgence.

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Why Choose NHBSE

There are many business and entrepreneurial solutions around, including institutions of higher learning. These institutions play a critical role in bringing business and entrepreneurial understanding to the world. But at NHBSE, we have only one objective and that is to provide solutions for the real business and entrepreneurial battlefields. NHBSE is the world’s first institution developed for battlefield entrepreneurs and truly entrepreneurial business solutions. We achieve our goals because of the following key advantages;

  • Highly trained, capable and committed trainers and facilitators, including practicing entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals.
  • Superior content- based on practical battlefield experience and sound scientific knowledge in successfully developing entrepreneurs and creating business results.
  • A wide range of highly integrated, science-based solutions
  • Highly integration of personics and subject content.
  • Field results based performance assessment.
  • Advanced transformational training methods that produce results way above the average.
  • You will not just know a, but actually become, a real elite performer shown by your elevated performance in the business battlefield

Enlightened Minds Training and Consulting Solutions

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 13:21 -- simon

Enlightened Minds brings together a team of experienced and talented professionals to provide high quality solutions to support the Chief Executive and his senior team to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. With years of experience providing solutions for all levels and in a wide range of industries, Enlightened Minds will quickly spot problems and limitations and rapidly generate highly accurate solutions to achieve your goals. From building a business or an organisation from scratch to improving performance, from turning around a situation to growing the business, very few compare with enlightened minds in their ability to provide a seamless integrated, holistic solution that gives you the best possible return on your investment. Our goal is not just to recover what you invest in our solutions, but to actually multiply whatever you invest.
We focus on the following areas, with the goal of providing holistic solutions.

Strategic Thinking Refresher Course 23 February 2017

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 12:51 -- simon

Strategy is the Key Survival, Success and Growth

The survival and success of any organisation in the 21st depends on the capabilities its leaders and managers. Strategy is the most important responsibility not just for the Chief Executive Officers but also every one of his leadership and management team. Despite the primal role of strategy, few organisations invest much time and resources in improving the strategic capacity of their leaders and managers through a structured program on strategy. Strategic capacity is assumed and rarely improved even when organisations undertake periodic strategic planning sessions.

The Power of Thinking More Strategically

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