About Us


Unemployment remains as one of the world's most pressing global challenges especially in developing countries. Even more alarming is that in many countries, more companies are collapsing while the rate of formation new companies is on the fall. Graduate output from univesities is increasing at a time economic growth is slowing down and some economies are collapsing. The result of all this is increasing levels of unemployment that also fuel further economic decline and increase social and political pressures. This is happening at a time where the education system is producing more and more graduates with advanced degrees in the areas of business, entrpreneurship, economics and commerce, creating some kind of paradox.

Governments around the world, and international organisations are making efforts to solve the problem through entrepreneurship training programs, some of which are being delivered at univesity level. Despite all these efforts, starting, improving and turning around businesses remains a challenge. For this reason, finding new business and entrepreneurial solutions and improving existing solutions remains the key to solving the economic challenges of the 21st Century. Clearly, entrepreneurial activity remains the heart of any economic success and the demands of the 21st century require a new breed of entrepreneurs as well as a completely different type of business organisation running according to new rules, by a new type of leader, manager and employee.

Napoleon Hill Business School for Entrepreneurs seeks to be part of the leading edge organisations spearheading the research and development agenda for the breakthrough solutions that will take the global family into the 22 Century and beyond.  

The Vision

The world has access to high impact, effective solutions for starting, building, improving, growing, optimising and turning around businesses and organisations.

Entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals have access to effective solutions to turn them into worldclass champions.


We develop and provide highly effective solutions for developing elit entrepreneurs and for supporting entrepreneurial businesses, companies and organisations

We provide business and entrepreneurial training and development solutions to entrepreneurs, business executives and business professionals 

Our Values

  1. Leadership-We take the initiative go where others cannot go
  2. Innovation-We question everything and break rules in search for breakthrough solutions
  3. Faith and Courage in Action-Talk without action is cheap, we act with courage, without fear
  4. Performance-We do everything to build the capacity to perform and perform well.

Results-Results are everything. Only results count, not just action

Advisory Board

The school  runs the strategic direction of an advisory composed of highly successful entrepreneurs, consultants and educationist, thus combined battlefield experience and theoretical depth in all our programs.