Breakthrough Dramatic Sales Transformation Success Secrets for CEOs and Marketing and Sales Managers

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To the Attention of,

1. The Chief Executive Officer

2. The Managing Director

3. The Marketing Director

4. The Chief Marketing Officer

5. The Chief Sales Officer

6.The Small and Medium Business Owner

7. The National Sales Director

8. National Sales Managers

9. The Inspired and Motivated Sales Executive  

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Does this Apply to You?

Most organisations, at the beginning of the year, say,

“This is our budget”

“These are our goals”

“These are our objectives”

And they set up them up and they only worked 5% last year or 10%, or whatever the case maybe.

And its almost they expect their guys to now go out and do the work they need to do to get the sales and achieve the targets.

So when you start to see month after month, the gap widening between your reality and your goal, in many times there’s a panic; sometimes again it’s a feeling of, what am I paying these guys for? Good sales people don’t come cheap.

And many times you have sales people that aren’t good and they don’t come cheap either.

And then the boss is walking through the office and he sees sales people at the water cooler, having coffee, or they’re out and the perception is,

"I don’t know what my people are doing."

The sales aren’t there, and sometimes they’re in the office, most times they’re out of the office.

The boss begins to think

“It’s almost like, I’m paying these people but I don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t see them and I don’t see the sales figures. All I get is excuses. I come to them every week at the sales meeting, let’s look at sales, what’s happening. Well this one says that they’re gonna close, this one said next week, this one says . . .it’s always next week. “ In the meantime, if you’re the boss, you’ve got payroll to meet; you’ve got expenses, you’ve got to pay them.

Do You Think There are the Causes of Your Poor or Average Sales?

When sales are not coming according to expectation, both the Chief Executive Officer, The Chief Marketing and Sales Officers and the Sales Executives need to explain their situation. Here are some common reasons given.

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