The Fastest Solution: Mini Seminar 10 May 2017, Harare, Zimbabwe

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How do you normally solve problems? The serious ones? How to you make sure that you achieve your goals as fast as possible? Do you have some problems or challenges that you want to solve fast so that you can have piece and joy again? Do you try and try and try to turn around your business, situation, career or some life challenge but you seem to go nowhere? Do you have any serious inspiring dreams and goals-maybe

  • to start your own business,
  • to turn around your business
  • to grow your business
  • To move to the next level in your career?
  • To find a better and more fulfilling job?
  • To pass your examinations with excellent grades

Are you struggling in any of these areas and you want a solution that will get you going and start giving you the results that you want fast? Or do you want a solution that you may use your future anytime you get stuck with a problem? Your search is over! Just some to Meikles Hotel on Wednesday 10 May and get The Fastest Solution, a step by step solution for solving any problem and achieving any goal. By solving problems fast and easy,

  • You become the go to person by everyone around you at work and home
  • You reduce the stress associated with battling with problems that you cannot solve
  • You save your time and use the time for more productive use
  • You feel more comfortable and in control because you know you are ready for any problem that may come your way
  • You move faster in your career, achieve more and enjoy more
  • You make your career progress and promotion easier and faster-problem solvers always get ahead than others
  • You achieve more of your goals faster and enjoy the benefits of achieving such goals

Listen, the ability to solve problems is one of the most sought after abilities in the world. Individuals, professionals, business owners, managers, executives and CEOs who are able to solve problems fast and effectively always get ahead, while those who cannot  always fall by the way side. Let’s face it, problems will always arise whether or not it is by our own fault. Unresolved problems are a source of stress and can even lead to dismissal at work. But problem solving is not a major area of focus in our formal education, and where it is mention, it is merely touched on the surface.

Your mettle as a manager, executive or CEO is tested the most when you or your organisation faces lands in trouble and requires a solution to take it out the bad situation. And there is nothing as stressful as being asked to turn around a situation or a business when you cannot figure out the best way to do it.

What if I told you there is a specific way to solve any problem fast and effectively and with less effort? What if I told you that this solution is as simple as ABC in its implementation and it can produce results fast? What if I told you once you have this solution, you can solve any problem anywhere fast, saving yourself hours of being stuck, hopeless and unable to resolve the situation? Would that not a great news to you to have such as solution?

Think about the biggest problem you might be having right now. Think about a goal that is important to you that you are struggling how best to achieve? Then imagine yourself having this solution in your hands-this simple fast solution to make solving that problem or reaching that goal as easy as a micky mouse game? You can have this solution as soon as 10 May 2017 if you come to my presentation at Meikles Hotel in Harare starting at 530PM. In only two hours you will have this plug and play solution that you will have the rest of your life to solve any problem and achieve any goal of your wish. If you have specific problem or goal giving you sleepless nights, you could be sleeping soundly all over again when you get this solution and use it to solve your problem or achieve your goal.

Why must you believe me? My solutions, most of them ground-breaking and original, have helped many CEOs, professionals and entrepreneurs achieve great results. Here are examples;

"Simon Bere's business concepts are practical; they produce real results", Award Winning Entrepreneur Phillip Mataranyika,  Group CEO, Nyaradzo Group

"Clear, concise , to the point and very practical ideas is what you get from Simon Bere" Divine Ndhlukula, African Entrepreneur Award Winner Managing Director, Securico

 “Simon Bere has come up with breakthrough concepts in marketing and leadership. This is what Zimbabwe needs if we are to be relevant in the knowledge economy”Johannes Mudzengerere, Former Chairperson-The Institute of Directors, CEO- Recka Investments

Simon Bere is a strategic thinker who is highly perceptive and gifted in identifying opportunities and generating lasting solutions” Kenias Mafukidze, Group CEO KMFS Financial Solutions

 Simon Bere’s training programs are exciting and effective. They have helped myself and my management team to develop strategies  that we have applied  in navigating through Zimbabwe’s dynamic and sometimes unpredictable business environment.  Sifelani Jabangwe, General Manager James North Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd,Vice President Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries

If you want a solution that bring results no matter what your situation personal, professional, business or organisational, then do not miss this opportunity. We are not talking about any type of solution here. We are talking of a the fastest solution. Not just the fastest but also the easiest solution for you. I am taking only 15 people for this one, all on a first come first served basis.  

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