Strategic Thinking Refresher Course 23 February 2017

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 12:51 -- simon

Strategy is the Key Survival, Success and Growth

The survival and success of any organisation in the 21st depends on the capabilities its leaders and managers. Strategy is the most important responsibility not just for the Chief Executive Officers but also every one of his leadership and management team. Despite the primal role of strategy, few organisations invest much time and resources in improving the strategic capacity of their leaders and managers through a structured program on strategy. Strategic capacity is assumed and rarely improved even when organisations undertake periodic strategic planning sessions.

The Power of Thinking More Strategically

Thinking strategically and improvement in strategic thinking have the greatest dramatic impact on the performance of the organisation. Some of the specific benefits of improvements in strategic capacity and strategic thinking include;

  1. More efficient use of existing resources and dramatic increase on the return on investment
  2. Improved capacity to solve problems even the complex ones
  3. Improved team work
  4. Improved flaw of work, tasks and activities
  5. Saving on time and resources thus increasing on profits and the bottom line
  6. Great ability to compete, to outperform the environment and to win marketsĀ 
  7. Better service delivery and higher customer satisfaction
  8. Better leadership and more effective managerial performance
  9. Higher chances of turning around bad situations and poor performance
  10. Better and more effective decision making

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